• Navy Jellyfish Pocket Tee
  • Navy Jellyfish Pocket Tee

Navy Jellyfish Pocket Tee

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We have once again partnered with Me to We Style to create a sweat-shop free, Canadian-made, eco friendly tee! For every tee purchased, a tree is planted in the Maasai region in Kenya.

For every shirt sold, 50% of Stillsane’s profits will be donated to the Ocean Preservation Society and the World Wildlife Fund to help protect our oceans.

Jellyfish are very special creatures; they have lived on this planet for over 500 million years. In being extremely adaptable to changes in their environment, jellyfish are able to thrive where other animals cannot.

Jellyfish "blooms" are also indicators of drastic changes within our oceans—with many fish populations decreasing and ocean temperatures rising, many of the jellyfish’s natural predators have decreased, and we begin to see more frequent blooms of jellyfish in our oceans around the globe.

These shirts were created to help raise awareness about the changes that are happening right now in our oceans. When you wear one of these tees, you’re helping to raise awareness to protect the largest ecosystem on the planet!