The Fam

 Vanessa Webster

Vanessa, Co-founder of Stillsane, has a love for photography. Always looking for adventure, she is the body behind the company.  Vanessa wants to create community alongside Stillsane through skate, music, and photography. 

Her passions are the driving force to propel the company in new directions. Fish are friends not food. 

Instagram  @v_webs


Stephen Pepler

Born in Toronto, Stephen is a passionate musician in his band Kim the Lion.

Co-founder of Stillsane alongside long-time friend, Vanessa, Stephen's love for the environment and conservation efforts have helped shape the company to partner with Me to We.

With the new partnership, Stillsane has planted over a 1000 trees to date. 

Instagram @pepkid

Dani Subject

Danielle Subject






Co-owner of Stillsane, Dani joined the team in the summer of 2015.

Dani graduated from the University of Guelph in April 2015, earning a degree in English and marketing management.

She currently works as a writer/editor at Indie88.

Twitter @DaniSubject





Nick Driver


Nick grew up in Whitby Ontario and has a background in music, photography and fine art.  

For Nick, photography and music have always been life passions. After concentrating on music in high-school, he shifted his focus to pursue a career in photography. After graduating from the photography program at Georgian College Nick has kept himself immersed in photography, mentoring under Sam Wong of Visual Cravings.

Nick’s motto is “Treat others the way you want to be treated”.

He is inspired by viewing other photographers’ work, old photo/art/design magazines, and Art Galleries.


Matthew Volpe


Matthew Volpe is an artist and musician living and working in Toronto, Canada. With a diploma in advertising & graphic design and a B.F.A in photography, Volpe has a wide range of practiced skills. Most recently, he has co-founded a photographic publication entitled DAYTRIP with two colleagues that was a featured exhibition in the Scotiabank Photography Festival.

Matthew is currently turning his attention to his music and is in the final stages of creating his debut EP "Future Blues". With a single on the way and many talented friends involved, he is really looking forward to this chapter in his artistic life.

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